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CNC Laser machine series

DT-1530 500W/1000W /2000W 3m/6m metal pipe&sheet AIO Fiber laser cutting machine

Introduction:DT-1530 500W/1000W /2000W 3m/6m metal pipe&sheet AIO Fiber laser cutting machine; 500W/750W/ 1000W Fiber laser cutting machine ,Metal laser cutting mahcine , Square and round metal pipe laser cutting machine . Satinless steel and carbon steel laser cutting machine
DT-1530 500W/1000W /2000W 3m/6m metal pipe&sheet AIO Fiber laser cutting machine

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DT-1530 500W/1000W /2000W 3m/6m metal pipe&sheet AIO Fiber laser cutting machine

Machine parameters

Machine Model

DT-1530 500W /1000W /2000W AIO

Working area

1500×3000mm 59×118in

Laser power

500W / 1000W/2000W   Raycus or IPG  brand fiber laser device

laser head

Friendness or lasermech laser head , with auto sensor, adjust focal distance automatically

Cutting thickness

0.2-6mm stainless steel / 0.2-8mm carbon steel

Cooling system

CW-6100 or Sunrise water cooling chiller

Rated power


Machine power


Laser wavelength


X,Y-axis location accuracy


X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy


X,Y-axis fast moving speed


X,Y-axis max cutting speed


Min. cutting line width


Max. cutting thickness

Stainless steel 3-6mm     Carbon steel 4-10 mm

Max. cutting speed

15m/ min

Machine size


After-sale service

Technician available for training and installation

Machine configurations







DT- FIBER 500W/800W/1000W

Machine bed

1 set



Fiber laser device

1 set

China Raycus or Germany IPG


Laser head

1 set

Bochu or Lasermech  laser head


Water chiller

1 set

Sunrise 1 P or CW 6100


Servo motor

3 sets



Control system

1 set

Bochu (Cypcut) system


Rack pinions

4 sets

Taiwan HIWIN


Working area

1300 * 2500mm

1500 * 3000mm

Working area optional

Machine introductions

This machine is special designed for square and round pipe with professional cutting software. You can cut flat metal sheet and square& round pipe at same time. The machine is with high quality fiber laser generator, high precision TAIWAN "HIWIN"Rack pinion transmission and advanced automation NC system, this product is getting high and new technology in one which by laser cutting and high precision machinery NC technology. Getting high speed, high precision, high efficiency and low cost together perfectly, this product can be the best choice for bulk metal materials cutting job.DESTINY laser machine is with optimized CNC control system, which can meet the processing demand in high precision accessory. The machine body is with casting frame, that suit for the long hours constantly working.

Machine advantages

1.Fiber laser cutting machine is with higher speed, higher precision and higher efficiency than YAG laser , the processing cost is very low ,can save much cost and make more profit

2. Fiber laser machine operation is more easier . Fiber optical path, without tediously adjustment on optical path,if the technician learned how to operate the machine ,he can process at once.

3.Fiber laser machine producer is with compact structure, good sealing, strongly adaptable to changes in the environment.

4. The machine is with the perfect automatic nesting system which can save time, save the materials, the sheet utilization ratio up to 95%.

5.High quality in cutting edge, adopting Friendness brand or the U.S.A imported follow-up cutting head system with high sensitivity and stability. The cutting head moving is with variation of the plate. The cut-off point position will remain unchanged. The cutting kerf is flat and smooth , needn’t to handle it again. Meanwhile, the machine can be use to cut both of the flat materials and curving materials .

6. Cutting large format and suitable for cutting more material.The machine can cut metal sheet within the thickness of 6mm and not larger than the size of 1500mm x 3000mm. The applicable materials include: ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

7.With drawer to collect the garbage, easy to change the gas valve.

8. High performance-price ratio

9. Low cost for using

10. Higher cutting speed and efficiency

11. Low fees for the future maintain.This laser machine is with simple structure, easy to operate with high stability.

Applicable materials and industries

Fiber laser machine is available for stainless steel, carbon steel, mild carbon steel, titanium sheet, galvanized sheet etc. metal materials precise cutting, applicable for cabinet making ,metal box making, furniture and office supplies ,LED  or light box , ATM box,electric appliance cabinet ,safe box ,agriculture tools,machine’s processing parts , Medical tools ,aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing ,advertisement, kitchen ware, bit tool, hardware etc.

After-sale service and Warranty

1.  Two years guarantee for the whole laser machine. All the machines are produced according to standard to keep the quality.

2.  If the machine is with any problem, our technician will help to solve online first time by Skype, email ,Whatsapp, Wechat etc. or by phone if urgently . We have excellent engineers speaking English,  they are available at 24 hours .No time difference limitation . Can supply the solution for any problems. In addition ,for this kind laser cutting machine ,it's neccessay to send technician to go to your country to install and train if you demand .

3. There are detail machine operation manual and video CD sent together with the machine.

If you like it , please send us inquiry or contact with us for more detail information .We will offer our best solution for you .DESTINY-CNC TECH welcome you .

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